Unneighbourly Conduct

The Neighbours just want to be good neighbours. But that’s not always easy. Some neighbours can be rather unsavoury.


After much anticipation and rendering, I have finally finished my first real 3D animation, loosely based on a true story. We hope for you to enjoy it, and for it to inspire you to be a good Neighbour. Remember, they just want to be your good Neighbours. Nothing more, nothing less.
This video introduces a new character into the Life with Neighbours series, the Bad Neighbour. The Bad Neighbour is a kleptomaniacal, humanoid alien. He travels from planet to planet, stealing the valuables of the inhabitants and bringing them to a structure on his home planet, which he does not own, but rather, squats in. All of the items in his possession are stolen goods; even his clothing, which is why he wears neither shoes nor a shirt. He could find only a pair of jeans that would fit him.

The Neighbours, on the other hand, just wanted to be left alone while they planted their garden.


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