Confused Old Man in Strange World – A Game of Some Kind


I have been working on a game that is at this point in time known as “Confused Old Man in Strange World”. It’s the first game I’ve worked on in Unity, and really, I guess, the first game I’ve ever worked on. It’s about a confused old man in a strange world, as the title suggests. There is no goal at this point, other than exploring the strange world as an old man.

The protagonist of the game is a confused old man, pictured below.


Our lovely protagonist. No, he is not wearing any clothes. He’s very confused, you see.

One day, he found himself in this strange world, without any idea as to how he got there. If I add an ending to the game, it will likely be the old man returning to his normal world.

There is also another character who may or may not be significant in the future.


There is a possibility that he is friendly.

If you would like to play the game, you can download it here. You can also access the aforementioned page by clicking “Games” in the sidebar.


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