The Wonders of Centipedes of the Digital Variety


Ah, the wonderful centipede. Truly an amazing creature when it’s not crawling around on your face at 2 o’clock in the morning, or loitering in your bathroom sink, or scuttling around your home, or anywhere in your field of vision… basically, it’s an amazing creature when it does not exist in your immediate vicinity. Only a brave few are as able to gently hold the centipede, gaze into its eyes, and contemplate its many secrets as the individual in the above image.

For this reason, I decided to  create a virtual centipede, so that I could admire its surreal beauty without actually needing to be around one. They are much less unsettling when there isn’t a chance that they’ll crawl on, and most likely, bite you.

A delightful wriggling centipede.


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