Who are you?


The name I am most well known as on the Internet is Neon. I am a computer expert, digital artist, and student of the Japanese language. I also do photography.

What is this website about?

I created this website for a number of reasons. One of them is so that people can easily track the progress of my projects and suggest things for me to work on, as I have implemented on the Projects page. Another is to have a central location for me to publish all of my finished projects at, rather than all my announcements being spread across various social media accounts. I may also occasionally post about interesting things that happen in my life as well. I shall also add new features to the site in the future, such as a webstore for Neighbour-related goods and other things.

What are these purple “Neighbour” things I keep seeing?

Those, my good neighbour, are my proudest creation. They are a species of aliens who just want to be good neighbours with everyone, and are the main focus of a lot of my art. One could even say that they are my logo or brand.

A very fine, very neighbourly example of a Neighbour.

A very fine, very neighbourly example of a Neighbour.